Verkeerd begrepen

‘Verkeerd begrepen’ (Dutch for ‘misunderstood’) is a work in and around the artist initiative Omstand in Arnhem, NL. Omstand is an organization for contemporary visual arts, active since 2015. Located in and around the former electricity factory on Van Oldenbarneveldtstraat, near the center of Arnhem.

The term of ‘Omstand’ itself, with its origins in Old Dutch, signifies everything that surrounds a person or thing, symbolizing the institution as a collective designation for everything in an artwork around the central subject.The meaning and context of ‘Omstand’ resonate with 17th-century painting terms, as described in the ‘Boekje voor Rembrandt’ by the Institute for the Dutch Language. Source:

‘Verkeerd begrepen’, embodies a redefinition of both the interior and exterior spaces of Omstand. This redefinition extends from the internal exhibition space to external areas such as parking lots, the adjacent road, and the monumental building that houses Omstand.

In close collaboration with an architectural firm, an exploration is underway on how Omstand’s exhibition spaces can be converted into luxury apartments. Concurrently, permits are being sought for these significant changes, including considerations such as the felling of the monumental tree at the entrance. Additionally, a proposal is submitted to the municipality for the demolition and complete redevelopment of the small park where an external exhibition space (transformer house) of Omstand is located.

The work, focused on substantial changes, represents a thoughtful challenge for Omstand. Through this work, Martin Brandsma and Jan van der Til actively investigate the value and meaning of art, as well as the role of Omstand within the municipality of Arnhem, exploring the boundaries of artistic expression and societal engagement.

‘Verkeerd begrepen’ is part of a series of collaborative projects between visual artist Martin Brandsma and Jan van der Til, operating under the name ‘Martin Brandsma,Jan van der Til.’