Sessie 3

In session #3, questions are asked about the being of things, the ways of being, the manifestation of presence. At the same time, it is also about the things that are not there but are nevertheless there, the presence of the absence of things, the manifestation of absence.
The presence of the Great Grey Shrike from the Delleboersterheide can remain firmly on the mind despite its absence, nourished by the striking presence in the memory of earlier observations. What remains is the form, a silhouette, a void, the absence of the image. But in the void, the content remains emphatically present. The presence of absence manifests itself: emptiness is form, form is emptiness.
Also in language, both written and spoken, the absence of letters – emptiness – and the absence of sound – silence – have meaning. In a constellation, presence can be evoked by asking questions, moving around in it and looking at it from different points of view. Each point of view gives a chance to connect with the absent.