Works 2010-2019

title: Dictionary of the Great Grey Shrike and Southern Grey Shrike
year: 2010
materials: book, hardcover of linen, 96 p.
size:  20,7 x 14,9 cm
edition: 3
description: A dictionary containing the calls and song of Shrike arranged in alphabetical order; the words originate from various literary sources and languages

dictionary book

title: Becoming a Great Grey Shrike
year: 2010
materials: Photograph on aluminium
photography: Henny Brandsma
size: 40 x 60 cm
edition: 8
description: A photograph taken from a performance, during which the artist takes on the identity of a Great Grey Shrike.

becoming a ggs-web

title: Steps how a human can become a Great Grey Shrike
year: 2010
materials: Text on paper, 80 gr
size: 29,6 x 21 cm
edition: 8
description: Print on white A4 paper with instruction on how the reader can transform into a Great Grey Shrike in 11 steps.

how a human-web

how a human-web1

title: 11 Favourite Spots
year: 2011
materials: Boxed in a black cassette portfolio including 11 photographs on silver bromide paper with frontispiece equipped with a perforation
size: 22,0 x 16,0 cm
edition: 1 + 1 A.P
description: Photographs of eleven trees that stand on the Schaopedobbe in Elsloo, Friesland. These were the trees that were inhabited by the majority of individual Great Grey Shrikes during 2010. The spot in the tree is denoted in different ways in each edition.

favourite spots-1

title: kwieht
year: 2011
materials: Softcover, 316 p.
size: 24,8 x 19,6 cm
edition: 25
description: This book shows a database of 154 observations of Great Grey Shrikes who had lost their way and have been sighted in countries where they rarely appear. These observations of “digressions” have been collected from various scientific sources dating from 1890 tot the present day. An observation consists of a date and a location. For each sighting I chose a postcard that corresponds to the time and location observed. By the addition of a postcard the data gains a different significance.

kwieht-wkwieht-4 pages

title: Gewölle
year: 2011
materials: Collection of pellets in vitrinebox; birch wood, white paint, plexiglass
size: 150 x 60 cm
description: A collection of hundreds of Great Grey Shrike pellets in a glass cabinet, it shows the variations but also the similarities between pellets.


title: meeting east
year: 2012
materials: Text on grey white paper in transparant envelope
size: 10 x 29 cm / envelope 10,9 x 15,5 cm
edition: 50
description: It gives a place, time and date of /or for another meeting but what sort of meeting? It is a translation of the work meeting number 13 by Jonathan Monk



title: T5
year: 2012
materials: Hardcover 23 prints on transparant paper in passe partout
size: 31 x 21 cm
edition: 5 + 2 A.P
description: The moulting of the tail of an individual Great Grey Shrike shown in 23 images: It shows the loss of old feathers and the growing of new tail plumage during a period of 2 1/2 months. In the book the 23 images are laid exactly over each other by using transparent sheets of paper. It shows the process of loss and growth in a different manner.



title: Systema mutatis
year: 2012
materials: Sofcover, 37 p
size: 20,2 x 12,6 cm
edition: 100
description: A book charting the ‘evolution’ of the Lanius excubitor name; On each page there is a portrait of a biologist and / or a scholar and underneath this the name that ‘they’ had given and the date when this took place. The book starts with Carl Linneaus and ends with Lars Svensson.

systema mutatis-web


title: auf hoher warte
year: 2013
materials: Softcover, black white (color print)
size: 20,2 x 12,6 cm
edition: 50
description: I combine collected images and my own photographs of trees and belvederes. The book offers an approach on images of ‘viewpoints’ through a suggestion of coherence and sequence in the assemblage of images.


ahw-1auf hoher warte-pages

title: Wageningen 1906
year: 2o13
materials: Inktjet print on Epson Archival 260 gr mat paper in frame box
size: 64 x 81,5 cm
description: A portrait of Great Grey Shrikes from the Collection Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden.


title: Absence
year: 2013
materials: 7 portraits; silver graphic paper, glare-free glass with engraved text, vinyl, oval wooden frame
size: 32 x 23,5 cm
description: 7 portraits of Great Grey Shrikes from the Collection Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden. In the series Absence there is a clear relationship with the science, but in this arrangement mainly involves looking at the presence of the absence. In the metaphysics its about the essence of things, the being and the ways of being, the manifestation of presence. In the negative metaphysics is about things that are not there but there yet, the presence of the absence of things. What remains is a shadow, a silhouette, the shape, the emptiness and the absence of the image. In the absence, the contents a strong presence. The presence of absence manifests itself: form is emptiness, emptiness is form.


title: 40 vörschlage
year: 2014
materials: 40 Trophy boards, birch wood, grey paint, stainless steel


title: ZT (mouse)
year: 2014
materials: Inktjet print on Epson Archival 260 gr. paper, framed in vitrine box
size: 42 x 30 cm


title: Blue tit
year: 2015
materials: Archival pigment print on Canson Infinity Rag Photographique 210 gr Diasec
size: 100 x 66,5 cm
edition: 3 + 2 A.P


title: The remnants from the store cupboards
year: 2015
materials: 3 cabinets: birch wood, grey paint, plexiglass, branch, frog
size: 12 x 19,4 x 41,9 cm


title: Threat Display
year: 2016
materials: Softcover with singer stitch on the back, 56 pages full color
size: 19,5 x 24.5 cm
edition: 100
description: The book Threat Display shows collected photographs of guards according to terms of behaviour from the Handbook of the Birds of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa; Vol VII (Flycatchers to Shrikes) by S. Cramp and C.M. Perrins. In the chapter ‘Social pattern and behavior of the Great Grey Shrike (Lanius excubitor)’ the author uses the term Threat Display: a display behaviour common for birds involved in defense of territory, often resulting in the retreat of the threatened birds, so avoiding direct conflict. The Latin word excubitor is given to the Shrike by Linnaeus, meaning watchman, sentinel or guard. A guard is a person posted at a given spot to prevent the passage of unauthorized persons or defending a specific place.
Threat Display offers a biological view on the postures of guards and places it in a behavioural context.

threat display-new

title: Repoussoir
year: 2016
materials: Piezoprint
size: 53,55 x 69,85 cm
edition: 8 +2 A.P

title: Larix excubitor
year: 2018
materials: Steel, wood and mixed media
size: 70 x 1000 cm

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