Speelveld / Playing Field

A performance by Sibylle Eimermacher and Martin Brandsma and the Great Grey Shrike of the Doldersummerveld

Part ll (public part)

Rijnzaal / Museum Arnhem
16 November 2017, 13 – 17 h

The territory of the wintering Great Grey Shrike (Lanius excubitor) on the Doldersummerveld as a playing field for an encounter between human and bird. A game of mutual observation and curiosity, of respect, challenge, acceptance, follow and hide, fleeing, giving way, evading and hiding, brings forth a motion pattern through the landscape away from the beaten tracks, with the tops of the trees as benchmarks.

During the performance in the Rijnzaal of Museum Arnhem the dynamics between the human movement in response to the birds movement are translated into a board game.

Part I (private part)

Beekbreeklaagte en Watersche Loop, Doldersummerveld
4 November 2017, 13 – 17 h