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1st September – 17th November 2018 / Archives of absence, archives of presence (in three parts) / Collaboration with Sibylle Eimermacher / Kunstruimte Galerie Block C and CBK / Groningen

Part 1: 1 – 14 September 2018 / Kunstruimte Block C

Part 2: 15 – 29 September 2018; Finissage 29 September, 16:00 h / Kunstruimte Block C

Part 3: 13 October – 17 November 2018 / Week van het KunstenaarsBoek (WKB18) / CBK Groningen

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3rd June – 30th September 2018 / B is for bird / Museum Kranenburgh / Bergen / Curator: Hanne Hagenaars

In the lush green areas around Kranenburgh, you can spot many bird species. It is a paradise for the feathered creatures almost everyone loves. But what determines our relationship to birds? In this age of rationalisation, we forget that for centuries, birds spoke to the imagination of artists, poets, priests and prophets. B is for Bird sees Guest curator Hanne Hagenaars examine the symbolic aspects of the bird.

Symbol of the soul

For a long time, the bird was seen as a mediator between the human and higher powers. The mystery prophets made important predictions based on the flight of birds. We ascribe owls, falcons, pigeons, and swans with all kinds of powers and wisdom, seeing them as symbols of the human soul. Nowadays, we think we can do everything perfectly without superstition and divine intervention. But what remains in a world without magic?

Detail of the work Larix excubitor / 2018 / 1000 x 70 cm / wood, metal and mixed media


Artist as a diviner

In B is for Bird, contemporary artists honour the bird as a symbol in fantastic myths and of art in which the bird once again carries the human soul. Through their paintings, drawings, collages, and photographs, we learn about ourselves because every work is as much about birds as it is about people.

List of Artists

Daniëlle van Ark (NL, 1974) | Anne van As (NL, 1959) | Pieter Bijwaard (NL, 1955) | Martin Brandsma (NL, 1972) | Johan Claassen (NL, 1943) | Lisa Couwenbergh (NL, 1953) | Driessens & Verstappen (Erwin Driessens, NL, 1963; Maria Verstappen, NL, 1964) |  Daan van Golden (NL, 1936-2017) | Dolf Henkes (NL, 1903-1989) | David Jablonowski (DE, 1982) | Martijn de Jonge (NL, 1957) | Wouter Klein Velderman (NL, 1979)| Paul Kooiker (NL, 1964) | Eva Kotátková (CZ, 1982) | Anaïs López (NL, 1981) | Chaim van Luit (NL, 1985) | Kevin Simón Mancera (BR, 1982) | José María Sicilia (ES, 1954) | Claudia Sola (NL, 1974)| Mirjam Somers (NL, 1971) | Dieuwke Spaans (NL, 1973)| S. H. W. van Trigt (NL, 1790-1850) | Julie van der Vaart (NL, 1988) | Emo Verkerk (NL, 1955) | Mirjana Vrbaski (CA, 1978) | Johan Marinus de Vries (NL, 1892-1982) | Cornelis Nozeman (NL, 1720-1786) & Christiaan Sepp (NL, 1820-1890)

13th October – 17th November 2018 / het boek der natuur – the book of nature / Week van het KunstenaarsBoek (WKB18) by ARTisBOOK / CBK Groningen / Curator: Henk Woudsma

I will show two installations: Identities and Threat Display, and in collaboration with Sibylle Eimermacher Archives of absence, archives of presence Part 3 

List of Artists

Frans Baake, Martin Brandsma, Sjoerd Buisman, Marinus van Dijke, Sibylle Eimermacher, Ingeborg Entrop, Hamish Fulton, Anne Geene, Hetty Huisman, Richard Long, Vibeke Mascini, Antoinette Nausikaa, Jan van der Til, David Tremlett, Hans de Vries, herman de vries, Hans Waanders, Luuk Wilmering


‘A tale of two tails: asymmetry in Great Grey Shrike (Lanius excubitor)’ is published in “Avian Research“.  Article online here or PDF here

In winter 2016-2017 I started a pilot project in collaboration with Behavioural Biologist Prof. dr. A.G.G. Ton Groothuis. We want to investigate if certain Great Grey Shrikes (Lanius excubitor) have there own personality and preference for the way they fix their prey and how these activities are lateralized (asymmetrical in terms of preference for leg and eye).

The aim of the project is to see (1) to what extent this behavior is lateralized on an individual level, (2) on population level (3) and how it is linked to personality properties. Next winter (2017-2018) we will officially start the project.

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