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22nd – 25th November 2019 / Printing Plant Art Book Fair / Looiersgracht 60 / Johan Deumens Gallery / Amsterdam

Printing Plant is a fabulous but intimate and bespoke 3-day art-book fair organised by Looiersgracht 60. Artistic print culture has a rich narrative in Amsterdam’s history and Printing Plant offers a new and much-needed platform for the progressive publications that are being produced. A remarkable selection of artist editions, multiples, catalogues, books, monographs, periodicals and zines that are generally unavailable in bookstores will be presented. The unique housing, and history, of Looiersgracht 60 will be utilised to correspond to the etiquette of the fair. Prior to its current use as an exhibition centre Looiersgracht 60 was home to a cardboard and paper factory, making it an ideal location for Printing Plant. Filling 750 m² of exhibition space, the fair invites visitors to learn more about art book publishing from 70 carefully selected independent publishers, antiquarian dealers, artists, galleries and printmakers who will be showcasing their works throughout the weekend.

No Todo ~ Niet Alles, An exhibition in an archival box / curated by Inez Piso / Johan Deumens Archive, Westerdok 782, Amsterdam, The Netherlands /  21 June 2019 – 17:00

29 November 2018 / Showroom Arnhem / Arnhem

OPA, CASA and Gallery Plaatsmaken organizes for the third time the event Een Goed Boek. Selected for this evening is the publication: Archives of absence, archives of presence

23rd – 25th November 2018 / Printing Plant Art Book Fair / Looiersgracht 60 / Johan Deumens Gallery / Amsterdam

Looiersgracht 60’s bespoke book fair ‘Printing Plant’ is accompanied by an exciting public programme. The carefully curated events shine a light on an inspiring range of perspectives pertaining to the artist book and independent publishing. The programme includes an exciting line up of talks, lectures and workshops. We look forward to opening up the world of art book publishing to the general public while affording industry professionals the opportunity to encounter fresh perspectives.

On view: Archives of absence, archives of presence

13th October – 17th November 2018 / Het Boek der Natuur (Das Buch der Natur / The Book of Nature) / Week of Artists’ Books – WKB18 by ARTisBOOK / CBK Groningen / Curator: Henk Woudsma

ArtisBook is organising the WKB18 in collaboration with twenty-five galleries, museums and other institutions in the city of Groningen: exhibitions, lectures, performances, workshops and conversations about artists’ books from the sixties up until 2018.

In the CBK (Centre for Visual Arts) in Groningen several books and works of twenty artists will be exhibited under the title ‘Het Boek der Natuur’ (The Book of Nature). All books and works that will be on show explore a relationship between man and nature and are not the carriers of art but the artworks themselves. More information: article Kunstkrant

List of artist: Frans Baake, Martin Brandsma, Sjoerd Buisman, Ger Dekkers, Jan Dibbets, Marinus van Dijke, Sibylle Eimermacher, Ingeborg Entrop, Hamish Fulton, Anne Geene, Hetty Huisman, Richard Long, Vibeke Mascini, Antoinette Nausikaa, Jan van der Til, David Tremlett, Hans de Vries, herman de vries, Hans Waanders en Luuk Wilmering.

In this exhibition I will show the books: Threat Display and Identities, and in collaboration with Sibylle Eimermacher the third part of Archives of absence, archives of presence.

Threat Display and Identities on show, photographs: Jenne Hoekstra

1st September – 17th November 2018 / Archives of absence, archives of presence (in three parts) / Collaboration with Sibylle Eimermacher / Kunstruimte Galerie Block C and CBK / Groningen

Part 1: 1 – 14 September 2018 / Kunstruimte Block C

Part 2: 15 – 29 September 2018; Finissage 29 September, 16:00 h / Kunstruimte Block C

Part 3: 13 October – 17 November 2018 / Week van het KunstenaarsBoek (WKB18) / CBK Groningen

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3rd June – 30th September 2018 / B is for bird / Museum Kranenburgh / Bergen / Curator: Hanne Hagenaars

In the lush green areas around Kranenburgh, you can spot many bird species. It is a paradise for the feathered creatures almost everyone loves. But what determines our relationship to birds? In this age of rationalisation, we forget that for centuries, birds spoke to the imagination of artists, poets, priests and prophets. B is for Bird sees Guest curator Hanne Hagenaars examine the symbolic aspects of the bird.

Symbol of the soul

For a long time, the bird was seen as a mediator between the human and higher powers. The mystery prophets made important predictions based on the flight of birds. We ascribe owls, falcons, pigeons, and swans with all kinds of powers and wisdom, seeing them as symbols of the human soul. Nowadays, we think we can do everything perfectly without superstition and divine intervention. But what remains in a world without magic?

Detail of the work Larix excubitor / 2018 / 1000 x 70 cm / wood, metal and mixed media

Artist as a diviner

In B is for Bird, contemporary artists honour the bird as a symbol in fantastic myths and of art in which the bird once again carries the human soul. Through their paintings, drawings, collages, and photographs, we learn about ourselves because every work is as much about birds as it is about people.

List of Artists

Daniëlle van Ark (NL, 1974) | Anne van As (NL, 1959) | Pieter Bijwaard (NL, 1955) | Martin Brandsma (NL, 1972) | Johan Claassen (NL, 1943) | Lisa Couwenbergh (NL, 1953) | Driessens & Verstappen (Erwin Driessens, NL, 1963; Maria Verstappen, NL, 1964) |  Daan van Golden (NL, 1936-2017) | Dolf Henkes (NL, 1903-1989) | David Jablonowski (DE, 1982) | Martijn de Jonge (NL, 1957) | Wouter Klein Velderman (NL, 1979)| Paul Kooiker (NL, 1964) | Eva Kotátková (CZ, 1982) | Anaïs López (NL, 1981) | Chaim van Luit (NL, 1985) | Kevin Simón Mancera (BR, 1982) | José María Sicilia (ES, 1954) | Claudia Sola (NL, 1974)| Mirjam Somers (NL, 1971) | Dieuwke Spaans (NL, 1973)| S. H. W. van Trigt (NL, 1790-1850) | Julie van der Vaart (NL, 1988) | Emo Verkerk (NL, 1955) | Mirjana Vrbaski (CA, 1978) | Johan Marinus de Vries (NL, 1892-1982) | Cornelis Nozeman (NL, 1720-1786) & Christiaan Sepp (NL, 1820-1890)

8th – 9th September 2018 / Wiels Art Book Fair / Johan Deumens Gallery / Brussel / BE

Speelveld (Playing Field)A performance by Sibylle Eimermacher and Martin Brandsma and the Great Grey Shrike of the Doldersummerveld / Rijnzaal, Museum Arnhem / 16 November 2017, 13 – 17 h

Photograph: Eva Broekema

Part ll (public part)

The territory of the wintering Great Grey Shrike (Lanius excubitor) on the Doldersummerveld as a playing field for an encounter between human and bird. A game of mutual observation and curiosity, of respect, challenge, acceptance, follow and hide, fleeing, giving way, evading and hiding, brings forth a motion pattern through the landscape away from the beaten tracks, with the tops of the trees as benchmarks.

During the performance the dynamics between the human movement in response to the birds movement are translated into a board game.

Vredeman de Vries Prize for Design 2017 / Nominated and a honorable mention / more information

Comment by the jury:

A fascinating subject, an intriguing process and a very good artist. You may call it ‘bird-anthropology’. If you think further down the line you may become aware of the way we for example look at refugees, and how we can change this attitude… A very interesting research, which resulted in a well and expertly made book. 

With ‘Identities’ Martin Brandsma appeals to ‘question what you see in your daily surrounding’. Whoever learns to look more attentively will discover the diversity in the phenomena and life that surrounds him. This leads to a growing consciousness about the presence and value of identity.

Bird after Bird / GroundWork Gallery / King’s Lynn / UK / 14th July – 10th September 2017

Künstlerbücher für Alles – Artists’ Books for Everything / Zentrum für Künstlerpublikationen – Museum für Moderne Kunst Wesenburg, Bremen / DE / June – August 2017

Book Launch Identities / Johan Deumens Gallery / Amsterdam / 21st October 2016

Introduction by Tijs Goldschmidt (Photograph Henk Woudsma)

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more information about the book

Report by Tijs Goldschmidt: Hoe een man een vogel wordt / Science supplement – NRC Handelsblad / 2nd September 2016

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Kijkclub / Torpedotheater / Amsterdam / 26th May 2016

In deze tweede editie kijken we naar een bijzonder vogeltje: de klapekster.
De klapekster verblijft in de zomer in het noordelijk halfrond. ‘s Winters vindt hij het daar te koud, laat hij zich wat laat afzakken.
Ieder jaar overwinteren er een paar in Nederland. Waar ze niet ontsnappen aan het alziende oog van Martin Brandsma. Sinds jaar en dag bestudeert hij de klapekster. Wat is er zo bijzonder aan de klapekster, Martin?

De klapekster is zo klein als een merel. Maar hij leeft niet van wormen en broodkruimels. Hij vangt hagedissen, veldmuizen, andere kleine vogels en grote insecten.

Dus is hij een roofvogel. Zijn pootjes zijn te klein om zijn prooien uiteen te scheuren zoals echte roofvogels doen. En zingen echte roofvogels? Nooit. De klapekster wel.

Dus de klapekster is geen roofvogel, hij is een zangvogel. Wetenschappers komen er niet uit. En Martin Brandsma, komt die er uit? Martin observeert de klapekster en komt met theorieën.

Dus hij is een wetenschapper. Maar proefschriften schrijft hij niet, hij tekent, hij fotografeert, hij exposeert.

Dus Martin Brandsma is geen wetenschapper, hij is een kunstenaar. Ja, wat is iedereen eigenlijk? Een avond met twee schepsels die niet voor een gat te vangen zijn.

De Kijkclub is:
Hans Aarsman, Maartje den Breejen, Nienke Denekamp, Carel Helder en Claudia Sola.

Datum: donderdag 23 juni 2016
Aanvang: 20:30 uur

Torpedo Theater/ St. Pieterspoortsteeg 33 / 1012 HM Amsterdam

Amsterdam Art Fair / Kunsthal Citroën / Johan Deumens Gallery / Amsterdam / 2015

AmsterdamAF-on view

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Dutch artist’s books in an international context / 62 artists / curators: Barthold Boksem, Rein Jelle Terpstra and Henk Woudsma / Groninger Museum and Academy Minerva for Fine Arts & Design / Groningen / 2015

The exhibition Sequence I aims to show Dutch artists’ books in an international context. It draws from the collections of the Groninger Museum and private collector Henk Woudsma.

Both collections agree in one key aspect: their starting point is conceptual art from the 1960s and 70s. The collection of the Groninger Museum is limited to the period 1960-1980. Woudsma’s collection is largely focused on the Dutch artist’s book and runs until the present day.

The exhibition is accompanied by a publication with book descriptions and short films about all exhibited books. Publication: Nederlandse kunstenaarsboeken in interntionaal perspectief Sequence 1 > here



Encounters / Inti Hernandez – Martin Brandsma / curators: Pieter en Marieke Sanders / Landgoed Anningahof / Zwolle / 2014



Zii-prrrih / Hans Waanders – Martin Brandsma / Gallery Wit / Wageningen / 2014


Voorkomen / UIT Festival / Collaboration with Kees de Haan (Jelle de Jong Architecten) / Commissioned by Fries Museum / Prinsentuin / Leeuwarden / 2014




Talking Photography – PRICCA practice / curator and moderator: Andrea Stultiens / with: Martin Brandsma, Jellie Klaster, Marijn Nijssen, Ahmet Polat, Dirk Jan Visser, Roy Villevoye / Academy Minerva for Fine Arts & Design / Groningen / 2014

taking photography3

talking photography1

Ernstig Geschikt! / Gallery Plaatsmaken – G.A.N.G. / Showroon Arhem / Arnhem

ernstig geschikt

Inside out-Outside in III / Belvedere Museum / Heerenveen / 2012