Handwerk is a collection of 20 rods (staffs) that will be placed on various sites in the Drents-Friese Wold in the winter of 2020-2021. The rods will temporarily be given to various Great Grey Shrikes: they can sit on them and they can impale or wedge their prey on them. The lengths of the rods vary from approx.1.5 to 2.50 metres.

The rods are installed outside, giving them a functional status. Around April 2021, when Great Grey Shrikes return to their breeding grounds, the rods will be removed from the field. They lose their function and become autonomous objects.

The title of this collection Handwerk refers to an old name for the Great Grey Shrike, given by falconers who saw the bird as an extension and tool of their hand. For Brandsma, the rods are also an extension of his hand(work) on which Shrikes are invited to make use of them.