Handleiding voor fixaties / Manual for fixations

Photography is one of the tools to document reality. In the collection and installation Handleiding voor fixaties #1 (Manual for fixations #1) you see common lizards (Zootoca viviparathat have been ‘fixed’ by three individual Great Grey Shrikes (Lanius excubitor); individual from Landgoed de Eese, Eesveen, Overijssel (1st year/2nd year age), Delleboersterheide, Oldeberkoop, Friesland (2nd year/3rd year age) and Adderveen, Oude Willem, Drenthe (1st year/2nd year age). The lizards are wedged between branches, or impaled onto sharp pointed branches or twigs. The small size photoprints keep the dimensions of the lizards intact, as also the height on which the photos are installed on the walls correspond to the reality they were documented in. Sometimes the lizards are accompanied by a hand that holds part of it, shows it to us.

The fairly literal translation of territories, the observation that almost all the lizards eventually get eaten by their predators. And the magic of the metallic paper makes the photographs appear different when shifting position, but also with a change of the light coming in through the gallery windows. In this ‘manual’ fairly traditional ideas of research and art are challenged while they meet and merge.

Handleiding voor fixaties #1 / Kunstruimte Galerie Block C, Groningen