Artist book: From the archives of absence archives of presence

Concept & design: Sibylle Eimermacher / Martin Brandsma
Language: English
Size: 29,7 x 21 cm
4 sheets & booklet, full colour (HP Indigo 7900)
Edition: 10, stamped numbers
Price: € 120 (incl. VAT)
Published: October 2018

Published: June 2019, on the occasion of NO TODO ~ NIET ALLES, an exhibition in an archival box that belonged to the archive of Ulises Carrión, curated by Inez Piso at Johan Deumens Archive in Amsterdam.

Sibylle Eimermacher and Martin Brandsma approach the pellet of a bird (Great Grey Shrike) as an archive full of information to be discovered. After carefully dissecting the found pellet, they had analysts denominating each part of the pellet with its corresponding Latin term. This created a scientifically structured archive with an index depicted in this loosely arranged publication.

In the inner part of the publication a literary quartet unfolds when the etymologist takes these Latin names and dissects them upon her turn. By tracing down the origins of these words and former meanings. The references to Greek mythology and far away lands stretch the minuscule scale of the pellet towards gigantic scenes. [Inez Piso]