Het Boek der Natuur (Das Buch der Natur / The Book of Nature)

ArtisBook is organising the WKB18 in collaboration with twenty-five galleries, museums and other institutions in the city of Groningen: exhibitions, lectures, performances, workshops and conversations about artists’ books from the sixties up until 2018.

In the CBK (Centre for Visual Arts) in Groningen several books and works of twenty artists will be exhibited under the title ‘Het Boek der Natuur’ (The Book of Nature). All books and works that will be on show explore a relationship between man and nature and are not the carriers of art but the artworks themselves. More information: article Kunstkrant

List of artist: Frans Baake, Martin Brandsma, Sjoerd Buisman, Ger Dekkers, Jan Dibbets, Marinus van Dijke, Sibylle Eimermacher, Ingeborg Entrop, Hamish Fulton, Anne Geene, Hetty Huisman, Richard Long, Vibeke Mascini, Antoinette Nausikaa, Jan van der Til, David Tremlett, Hans de Vries, herman de vries, Hans Waanders en Luuk Wilmering.

In this exhibition I will show the books: Threat Display and Identities, and in collaboration with Sibylle Eimermacher the third part of Archives of absence, archives of presence

Detail Archives of absence, archives of presence Part 3