2nd record ssp. sibiricus for Finland?

A first winter Northern Grey Shrike Lanius borealis sibiricus was seen on 17th november 2014 at Luvia, Säppi B.O., Finland.


luvia-sit Photographs © Tapani Lilja

If accepted (by the Finnish Bird Committee), this would be the 2nd official record for Finland.

First official record in Finland:

>02/03-2000 / Turku / Finland / 2cy / Lanius borealis sibiricus / Accepted by the Finnish Bird Committee / Not proven with DNA

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sibiricus – excubitor in belgium

4 other claims in Finland:

>31-10 / 08-11-2009 / Länsi Turunmaa / Korppoo / Utö / Finland / Lanius boreais sibiricus

Comment from Jorma Tenovuo: There are at least four records of a sibiricus-type GGS in Finland since our article appeared and all of them are as unsolved cases in the Finnish Rarities Committee. They wait for any new information about these (sub)species and their taxonomy. One of the records was made on this island where I live, island of Utö, on Oct 30-Nov 8, 2009. I saw the bird myself but it was hard to photograph because it was very shy and at that time of the year the lights are not that good. I have, however, some low-quality photos which I attach for your information. But – as I said this ind. has not been accepted as a “sibiricus”, at least not yet.

Photograph © Jorma Tenovuo

The individual above is also a very sibiricus-like, but note that the bases of the outer secondaries are rather broadly white (according to the literature, sibiricus should have much less white on the secondaries), and that the outermost tail feathers seem to be completely white. According to Svensson, on a sibiricus, the white colouration should be mainly limited to the three outermost tail feathers, and at least one fourth of the base of the inner vane of the outermost tail feather should be black.

See results of tail feathers (only black marks) of Lanius borealis sibiricus from the Collection Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden:

The marks in the drawings at the bottom-line are not visible in the field (under upper tail feathers) Watch on amount of white in upper line!

1973: male / Baikal (128038)

1873: juvenile / Baikal (128039)

1879: male adult / Russia (128040)

1880: female / Siberia (128041)

tails sibiricus


>06/08-12-2009 / Helsinki / Seurasaari / Finland / Lanius borealis sibiricus

Photograph © Pertti Rasp

Photograph © Pasi Pirinen, Pertti Rasp, Andreas Uppstu

>30-01-2011 / Mäntyharju / Kinni / Finland / Lanius borealis sibiricus

>22-02-2013 / Kirkkonummi / Böle / Finland / Lanius borealis sibiricus